Concrete protection


Protection of concrete surface should be one from the most important task at the moment of beginning the object exploitation, so every elements made of concrete such as floors, walls, containers, ducts, especially in aggressive industry environment and with occurring mechanical load.

Unprotected concrete degrades slowly, loosing its mechanical properties. It became brittle, slowly cracking and dusting, and traveling vehicles only deepen the destructions. Not only the aggressive liquids (alkaline and acidic), which could react with concrete components, or oils reducing contact covering with reinforcement, or brine causing a strong chloride corrosion of reinforcement, but also vapoures or water included in pores of concrete could bring and contribute to concrete corrosion. Also the atmospheric agent such as acid rains could start the sulphate corrosion.
The protection of surface is also protection of concrete against the dirt, products from food or meat industry, allowing to keep the object in cleanliness and sterility.

The proper protection of concrete gives only the layers, which are filling pores and cracks on the surface of concrete and create the constant layer not allowing into contact the concrete with aggressive agents. The coatings also increase resistance of concrete for the impact resistance as the flexible materials taking over the energy of blow, not succumbing themselves into destruction.


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