Breston company ensures performance of concrete and steel protections against aggressive media such as acids, bases, solvents, etc.

We design the proper coating drawing attention of number of factors having influence on proper protection of steel or concrete substrate. The aggressivity classes of media, their mixtures, cycle of media storage, penetration degree, are only a few from many parameters, which should be considered designing the protection.

Depending on media composition and their temperature we match the proper coating: paint, laminate, thermoplastics.


painting epoxy coating (specialist systems), vinylester or polyurethane with thickness of 100 to 1000 um, is the best for metal surfaces.


the coating is built up from fiberglass and the proper resin, thickness 2-6 mm. Is used on metal as well as concrete surfaces. The laminate for the sake of its thickness is the more certain protection with relation to paints, especially in large tanks placed outside.


coated thermoplastics make up the higher class of resistance against almost all media. The only restriction is its high price.


  • storage tanks
  • reactors
  • emergency tray
  • ducts/ channels for transport
  • plating tanks
  • chimneys
  • stirrers, pumps, etc.
  • mixers, dissolvers
  • cisterns
  • well survey
  • pumps
  • Industrial basins
  • sewage treatment plants

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